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Baby Blanket Yarn & Pattern

I am planning on making a baby blanket for a friend of mine. I have found some patterns, everything from a washcloth-type pattern to some so complicated that I can't begin to understand them. I am looking for something that would be considered middle of the road, probably a pattern without a lot of lacy holes in it. Baby fingers and lace aren't a good match.

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My six year old was diagnosed with Stage II non-Hodgkins lymphoma last month. So far he's doing great with the chemo, including he hasn't missed a day of 1st grade. What can you tell me about an interesting hat that I can make for him now that we cut off all his hair. (We had to cut it all off. He was walking around school, pulling it out and giving it to people.

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blocking liquid other than water

Can anyone think of, or has anyone heard of a non-aqueous, pre-blocking, soaking liquid? The deal is I’m working on a double-knit rug made out of jute twine. I’d like to soak it in an effort to even out the stitchery a little. Knitting with jute is a little like knitting with wood.

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First finished scarf

This was the first knit project I started, and one of the first I finished. The yarn (yes, cheap acrylic, but I'm glad I learned on that) and needles (size 10) were both gifts from a friend switching to crochet. (Actually, the herringbone scarf I've posted is for her.) It is all done in bamboo stitch with a garter edging. It's about 7' long, which is about what I wanted.