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October 31st

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Baby's First Yellow Yarn

Hello men,
My dear co-worker made it through her first trimester of her pregnancy. Unfortunately, this past Friday's visit shows no fetal growth or movement, so the baby was lost. Poor dear. Mom and Dad are coping and are tough people, so they will rebound well.

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Another gift...

Another gift i made for my sister's birthday in July.
Phildar's model - 26" x 14"

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Gift to my niece...

Hi guys,
Here's a gift i finished last week for my niece Anne-Sophie...
More to come... Enjoy...

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Thanks, fellas.

So, thanks to most of you, I was able to pay of the bill owed to Etsy and reopen my shop. Lionbrand sent me an email saying that the promotion about me will be tomarrow. Yep. 1 Novemeber. Looking forward to it. On my blog, I put up a photo of the box of Fisherman's wool they sent me:

October 30th

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Gloves and Linen Stitch

Hi everyone. I just finished knitting a pair of fingerless gloves. I used some leftover yarn from other projects. I still have to weave in those pesky little ends and block them before I wear them in public. And the other thing I have been working on learning is some new stitch patterns using cotton yarn in small rectangles.

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Need a pattern for double knit mittens!!

Hi Guys! I'm looking for a pattern for double knit mittens. I want them to be two solid colors (black on the outside and taupe on the inside) and knit in the round...anyone know of a good pattern? Thanks, Eric

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Flying today and wanted to pass this on to you all.

I think someone may have posted this already but in case I ran into it elsewhere I thought I'd pass it along here. If you're flying in the USA on anything besides a broom or a strong cup of coffee, be sure to have a printed copy of the TSA's official webpage on knitting needles in your carry-on bag. I've not had to use it yet but I have it on me every time I fly.

October 28th

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NEEDED - Good, simple, men's glove pattern.

Gonna take the leap into dpns and trying to knit me some fingers!

The Flying Goose Mitts are gorgeous!
... but am looking for a simple, men's glove to start on.

Any ideas?
Fave patterns?

Thanks, in advance,

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surprise announcement

OK Boys,

Its confirmed now - we are moving to Seattle for my job. Still have the dramas of trying to get my partner into the country (Very frustrating when the city and the company reconise your relationship but the federal government treats you like strangers).

Anyway VERY excited and we hope to be there soon.