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December 31st

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OK Guys and Gals I am a novice at this craft and could use some help. My first two attempts came out well after starting each about ten times. Then the next two when finished required washing and blocking. I thought things were going well and became a little too self satisfied until I saw the final products. Both look like something that ends up at the thrift store the day after Christmas.

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Scarf ended abruptly

Hi Guys,

I can't believe I'm knitting a scarf!

Since I started knitting I've NEVER wanted to knit a scarf. But going through Son of Stitch n Bitch I ran across the Antler pattern scarf. Following the weight recommendation, I thought the scarf was just a bit too narrow for northern MI winters. But its just perfect for the autumn.

December 30th

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Weasley Sweater

Well, the second Weasley Sweater is finished. FINALLY!

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Well Crap


December 29th

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Tired of sewing in the ends?

Hey guys, I came across this video on Ravelry and shared it on Facebook's DC Men Knit page. It got such good feed back I thought I should share it here, too. It's called a "Russian Join," and while it does take a little work at the time, it eliminates the sewing in of joined yarn at the end of the project. Plus, her accent and her nails are to die for! You can find it here:

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Happy New Year to all!!

For all of us with unfinished projects--

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I dislike sewing in loose ends very much.

It's ironic that I just finished my first double colored ENTRELAC scarf.... And sadly I have a lot of sewing to do.... Just one thought.. What comes first, blocking or sewing? I really don't sew and then block and have to re sew lose ends.... It's my first project with stomach sewing.
Just in time for new years :)

Hello world!

I am back! I have not been on for a while and even back then I was much more of a luker than anything else. A lot has changed in my life and I am so excited about the comming year. I am just finishing up my divorce, it has went very well we are both adults and are not into fighting. I came out to everyone! Big ol' Merry Christmas to everyone.

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Ganesy programme

Dear Knitters,

Hope you all had a good Christmas. I was back at my desk today and heard this great programme on bathe radio about Ganseys. There weren't a lot of male knitters in the programme - but it was moving and interesting and great radio. You can listen to it here: