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December 7th

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Soft Fluffy Stocking Hat

Hello men!

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yep im crazy...

I'm knitting 2 entralac scarves and a Stole...and going to cast on a forth scarf for me....Why do I torture myself so....*sigh*

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Quick lace shawl project?

OK, here's an impossible request. I have a friend who made me a wonderful crocheted afghan for Christmas 2009. She started it in May or June of that year and just finished it a month or so ago.

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some advice, please

i am knitting hoodie from bottom up in the round and am reaching the transition from body to hood. is there a stitch or technique that will provide some structure and sturdiness at the collar?

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EXTERMIKNIT! A project for Dr. Who fans

My son sent me this on Twitter, via a ReTweet from Wil Wheaton (he played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek the Next Generation). It's absolutely brilliant.

December 6th

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Lace Shawl Bind Off

I am almost done with my sister's lace shawl. It's my first lace and I wonder what the best bind off is for a shawl. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Signed, Sealed, (and hopefully) Delivered by Friday

Well guys,

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The twelve days of Lace Shawls

For those of you who follow my adventures and mis-adventures over at MMarioKKnits yahoo group. . .

Starting Christmas Day I will be posting the twelve shawls of Christmas; one per day.....

December 5th

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FREE Pattern!

Hey Guys!

Hope you all are well.

I have a free knitting pattern on my NEW website:

Click on free knitting patterns to veiw the full pattern FREE!

December 4th

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Finished Socks

I just finished a pair of socks and thought I would share. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out. They make really good slippers or sleeping socks as they are quite warm.