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December 13th

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It's finally finished!!!!

Hi guys just thought i would stop by and let you all know i have finally finished the aran cable jacket - at last!!!

Im glad its done and now i can wear it during these cold evenings!

December 12th

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My first stranded knitting!

This is the Elephant vest by Alice Starmore...and the yarn kit from her. The yarn is 2ply wool from Virtual Yarn. ( the Starmore company).

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Happy Holidays and Project updates

So we got a bit of snow in central Ohio today. Just a couple of inches, enough to make everything look pretty, and to shovel.

December 11th

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Well, I'm Back

Hey there, men! Been a while...and I am back.

December 10th

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New Scarf for My Son

Hi guys,

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Need sizing help!

Ok guys! I've got another one for you. I found a cowl pattern for my niece and made it rather quickly using Lion Brand Wool-ease. Don't know why, but I really enjoy knitting with LB.

December 9th

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Oh this rocks... teaser

I just got a commission for a Fancy scarf for a friend's son. He's 23, protege of Gus Van Sant, and going to Europe shortly.

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Entralac Knitting

I am not familiar with this. Is this something old with a new name or a very recent knitting style? Perhaps I do live in a cave! If anyone would care to enlighten me, I would appreciate very much!

December 8th

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Scarves for HIV+ youth

Hey guys I volunteer at BAY POZ (Bay Area Youth Positives) out here in San Francisco and was hoping to ge yout guys’s help.

yarn sources?

where do you guys look for quality yarns?