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December 24th

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wishes label

This must be ABSOLUTLY stitched on all the side seam of the garments that you will put this evening...
Best wishes for this X-MASS....

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Holiday Knitting

So, this is my first yr that I've decided to knit some gifts for people. Being that this is like my 5th yr or so into knitting, you'd probably think I would've done that already, huh?

December 23rd

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I just wanted to take the time to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all my fellow knitters. I have enjoyed the Men Who Knit site for several years now.

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Favorite Knitting Blogs?

Hey guys,

I'm wondering what your favorite knitting blogs are? The holidays are the time I have to read and I'm wondering what you've been enjoying on the web.


December 22nd

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Afghan Suggestions, Please

I would like to begin work on an afghan project to be completed over the winter months.

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Anybody here taken Spinning Classes at Olds College, Olds, AB?

I'm thinking of signing up for Level 1 class held during their Fibre Week 6/27-7/1.

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Knitter's weekend

I went a bit crazy the past few days. I had the kids with me all day Monday and Tuesday so I essentially had a 4 day weekend. This meant I was able to bang out another pair of socks.

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I made a glove!

Not as tricky as I feared. Started the other one, but wanted to show it off.

December 21st

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Need help creating a pattern

Hi Guys,

December 20th

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"Christmas Holly" afghan

I found this afghan kit in a thrift store last year.
I decided to finally knit it up. I started it about Thanksgiving and just steamed it to its finished shape tonight.