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October 31st

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Pattern for the Blue Sweater - Any takers?

Hi guys ...

Night of the knitting undead Happy Halloween

Night of the knitting undead Happy Halloween

Ever see a zombie knitting?

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Baby Wallaby

Baby Wallaby sweater with a small collar instead of a hood. The color is really a deep purple but it didn't come out in the picture. Still need to block but am happy with the little pouch.

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You folks never cease to amaze me . Strong, kind , supportive, and VERY never fail to come up with so many great ideas and suggestions ... Thanx for letting me "buddy-up" with you .

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Japonese scarf...

Hello everybody...
the winter come here in belgium...
trees have almost no leaves ... The first frosts have arrived ..

So I restart with some new scarfs...

What do you think about this one?

October 30th

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one square down....

one square down, nineteen more to go! I finished the Dagmara Berztiss square in my GAAA project about 10 minutes ago. I would estimate that I spent about 5 hours knitting this square.

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Dyeing Workshop

Hi guys,

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It's DONE!!!...Well...kinda...

So I finished the L'il Bunny Foo Foo Shawl by MMario and have included some pictures of it blocking. I used my own handyed/handspun yarn and it took about 700 yards.

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Blue Spruce - Finally Out

Hey guys, shameless promotion here. Knitter's Magazine 100th Edition came out this week and I have a pattern in there. Hope you all like it. And if you go to the digital pattern for the entire magazine is free. There are 3 men's patterns in there.

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce by Kenny Chua

October 29th

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Nate Berkus's sweaters

Has anyone noticed on Nate Berkus's shows that he likes to sport sweaters, especially cardigans in fine knits, which looks great on him. I'm glad to see men going back to wearing cardigans again.