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November 7th

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Black Is Hard To Knit

I seem to have a hard time finding a cheap, acrylic, watchman's hat when winter starts to set in. I lose my hats a lot, hence the preference for inexpensive acrylic hats.

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Nine Inch Needles: Boston Area Queer Men's Stitch Group

Hey All,

There's a great group of guys who gather every week in Somerville (right next door to Boston proper) to knit, crochet, cross-stitch, and hang out.

November 6th

Needle Threader

long time lurker, found this needle threader the other day thought I'd share in case I wasn't the only one that didn't know they existed.

November 5th

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My first project

Hello Men,

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Firefly Fringed Scarf (or shawl)

This is a VERY easy, VERY quick knit. Highly recommended if you need/want to make something and are out of time!

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mediaeval nightcap/indoor cap

I knit this cap as part of my halloween costume this year, but boy does it feel good of a night in this draughty old house! I'd wondered for years how those things were made; you see them sometimes in 15/16th century portraits.

November 4th

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Egyptian Sweater

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design question

i am making a ribbed cuff for the sleeve that i want to be snug, stretchy and then want the sleeve to puff out some after the ribbing.

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Baby Alpaca Vest

Hi guys
My recent project. I love it. Vest in Baby Alpaca DK. I used a basic pattern from Phildar and resized it and added a houndstooth pattern to the front piece.

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Beanie Help Using Sock Yarn 4ply or Fingering Yarn

The other day, a co-worker of mine gave me some sock yarn "Kroy Sock Yarn" to make him a Beanie. I started simple Beanie with a 2x2 rib brim about 15 rows, and the remainder stockinette.