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November 11th

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Knitcircus Magazine, Issue #12, Winter 2010-2011

Greetings from cold Copenhagen.

I just saw knitcircus magazine on the net. And I have just fallen for the arched shaped socks called "Paulies Socks"

November 10th

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Knitting Needles and Airport Security

Does anyone have recent experience taking knitting needles through airport security in Japan or Southeast Asian airports?

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One down and two to go

I have just completed one of three hooded sweaters that I'm giving to my partner's grandchildren for Christmas. This was one of Vanna White's patterns from Lion Brand Yarn. Easy pattern.

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barbara mcintire square picture

I finally finished the Barbara McIntire square for my afghan.

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Across the pond


November 9th

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pictures, finally....

Sorry for the bad lighting, but just wanted to snap a few pics of 2 of the squares I have done for my Great American Aran Afghan.

Follow up to Midieval cap (Wimple?) patterns

"Little Devil" by MayaB is a PDF file in English that can be found on Ravelry or at

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Tipless gloves pattern

I am looking for a pattern (hopefully somewhat easy) for tipless gloves. All of the patterns I am finding are fingerless. I want fingers that go up to around the knuckle.

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Another Knitter in the Family

Last night after watching the latest DVR episode of Hannah Montana, when Hannah reveals to the world that she is Miley, my daughter had cried for like 20 minutes at the sad retrospective on the show.

November 7th

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Yarn Organization

As my stash of yarn keeps growing, I really want a neat way to organize and display my yarn. Right now, I have a beautiful wooden cabinet with glass doors that I am using.