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November 14th

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Stocking Hat #2 & Cable Stitch practice

Hello men!

November 14th

Knit Picks revisted negative experiance

Several months ago I asked everyone's opinion of knit picks. I got mixed responses. I saw a shawl kit on there and the fall to winter shall and decided to try it anyway.

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Mini Banana

I'm on a roll...I was inspired to come up with a mini banana pattern this weekend.

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A very manly man

And he IS a very manly man! You should take note of that, in case you don't catch the subtle hints.

How to knit like an Icelandic man

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Hello and finished Wallaby

Hey guys,

Use to be on here before but due to some unfortunate events, I had dropped off from the site.

November 13th

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That tapestry

Thanks for welcome and comments about the tapestry in background of my earlier pic, I've tried to get a better one attached, here. It was done needlepoint rather than on a loom.

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Better than Burberry

Better than Burberry, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.
Start: 15th October 2010
Finish: 07th November 2010
Needles: 6 mm Addi Turbo
Yarn: 100% Alpaca in grey bought from the Benediktbeuern Textile Market this year; 260 m / 100 g / skein; Using 4 skeins in total with yarn held double - got 9 repeats altogether
Pattern: Burberry Inspired Cowl by Julianne Smith

November 12th

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Mediaeval nightcap/indoor cap pattern

Thanks to Daninaa and MayaB, I think I've got this pattern sorted (with pictures courtesy of Maya), and am including it here. Enjoy!

November 11th

Wine Bottle Hat and Scarf

A friend of mine saw a Christmas wine bottle hat and scarf and asked me if I could make one. I cheated a little and read a pattern a found on ralvery first, but had to use what I had on hand.

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Mini Eggplant

Hi everyone. I just wanted make a quick post to say that I've written my first pattern. It's nothing groundbreaking, it is terribly easy, but it is fun and quick to knit. It's for a mini eggplant.