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September 14th

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Chill Chaser

Just finished this little sweater for my 5 y/o great nephew. The buttons are little cars and he seemed to really like them.

September 13th

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off topic

i ask for your kind thoughts as we say good bye to our precious scout after 15 years

September 12th

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Knitting Podcasts suggestions?

Okay, so I finally got an iPod. No more Walkman... ;-) Actually, I haven't had a Walkman in ages either. I haven't listened to portable music in ages.

September 11th

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New Pattern: Capucha del Desierto (Desert Cowl)

I've been inspired by all of the man shawls, cowls and wraps I've seen everywhere lately! It's nice to witness a broadening of traditional masculine garment boundaries.

September 10th

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Ultimate Nerd-gasm.

I'm a little nerdy or geek-ish. I love me some old-school N64 games, especially Legend of Zelda.

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Working a lace pattern...


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Place marker on stitch?

Pattern says "yo (place marker on this stitch)"

Is that literally place the marker on the stitch and not the needle?

September 9th

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KIP Fears Over

I have been traveling way too much lately and I have finally overcome my KIP phobia. I still get looks and some pointing, but with all of the time, but I just forge ahead.

September 8th

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Operation Gratitude Handmade Drive (UPDATE) - Deadline: September 30, 2010

hey boys

just touching base again about the project of knitting things for our soldiers -

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Too soon

Well, my 'pleased-with-myself-'cos-I've-nearly-finished' attitude was short-lived. You'll remember my grumbles about the Herringbone jacket from Classic Knits for Men?