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September 19th

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A very simple scarf ...

A very simple scarf ...
Just 10 stitches on 10mm needles, and turns the yarn twice (two times)... and then every raw knit stitches ....

September 19th

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Blanket progress

Hi everyone. Hope your summer was happy and healthy. I've been using the left-over balls of yarn and other scrap yarn to make myself a blanket. My using #10 size needles and garter stitch.

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Still Alive

Good evening friends...

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Further on BFL

For the past couple months, I've been spinning some Blue Faced Leceister (

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My Heart Is Heavy

My Brothers,

September 17th

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Off Topic - My Interview with the Purple Dinosaur

I’m happy to announce that I just posted my interview with David Joyner, the man who knows Hip Hop Harry & Barney inside out.

September 15th

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Alice in Wonderland & Sheep/Fiber Festival

Hi all,

I'm back....anyone miss me???

I hadn't knitted for months and months. I think I was over exposed to yarn for my own good. The coming birth of my GRAND niece prompted me to come back.

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Three-color Pattern Samples

Well, WEBS was having their summer yarn sale, and I saw this Asland Trends yarn, 50% Angora, and picked 3 colors that I liked out of the limited sale selection.

September 14th

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Sand Lodge Fair Isle Pullover

It's been far too long since I last posted on MWK (in fact, I couldn't remember my nic or password!). I've been busy knitting socks and in-between working on this jumper.