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September 25th

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South Eastern Men's Knitting Retreat

Someone in the past posted about having a Men's Knitting retreat in the south. I sort of dismissed the idea until I just returned from the North West Retreat this week.

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a bottle into the sea ..

Hello to everybody... ...
I wanted to send a bottle to the sea ...
this bottle contains a message for support to my mother

September 23rd

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Guess who's back!

Hey all.... just checking in. The wrist is pretty well patched up and you can hardly see the scars. Fall is in the air and I am getting back into clicking the sticks. Hope y'all are well!


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Ideas for a dog sweater

Hey guys,

Cute knitted video

September 21st

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Hmmmm, a new niche?

So since I started spinning lace yarn it was only right that I wanted to knit something with it. So now I am currrently working on a lace scarf for my grandmother for her 82nd birthday coming up.

Might move to Utah need advice

I have a possible job opportunity at Dixie College in St. George Utah. I know nothing about Utah or St. George. Can someone please help me.

September 20th

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MFKR 2010 Indigo Dyeing and More

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Knitting Needles on International Flights

Hey guys, I thought it would be nice to share my knitting needles experience on the plane from USA to Sydney via New Zealand.

Check it out at

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A scarf more complicate

Hello everybody..
This si my "work" from my last two weeks...
A little each evening...
this style from come the last book of ROWAN...
What do you think about it?
Have a nice evening