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August 15th

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German TV is terrible.

So, i'm sitting here; it's 10:40am, and i'm watching an advertisement for a new show in which people try to live with live camels (they'll do anything for ratings here).

August 15th

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Love that little bitch...

Here's some pics of my miniature pinscher in her new sweater. Not very good photos: she won't sit still for long when I bring out the camera. What a diva!

August 14th

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Cocked and Loaded

Hey guys! Just an update to tell you that the pattern for "Positive Chi" is now available.

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faire isle advice

i am going to make my first attempt at faire isle. any suggestions on a good pattern book? there are so many

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Fiber withdrawl and new job!!!

So after 3 weeks of constant searching, sending out resume's and hoping to high hell. I finally landed a job over in Dallas with Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

August 13th

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Lost Knitter in Baytown, TX

So, I just moved to Baytown for a new job, and I have no clue if there are any knitting groups in the area, let alone men who knit....

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How to add a hole?

Seems strange I want to add a hole to my knitting, when I first started, I had way too many. However, this is a different sort of hole.

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Operation Gratitude Handmade Drive

I'm calling on my knitting friends to help me collect 100+ hats, scarves and neck warmers for our troops.

More information can be found on my blog:

August 12th

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Connecticut Men's Knitting Group

Does such an animal exist. If so, where are you guys hiding?

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Lace book for sale

I just spotted this offer and it's a great deal! I have this book (and her second book too) and they are well worth having, if you do any lace.