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July 15th

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ADVICE: Blocking acrylic?

OK, so I made this scarf of Red Heart Super Saver, all stockinette stitch, and it rolls up on itself something fierce.

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Sydney Australia - Here I come!!

So I know there are some Aussies on here. Anyone want to show me around from September 1st to September 15 2010??

Would love to meet you guys in person!


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Rock on, Buck Strong

Using a new profile pic in honor of Buck Strong. Love your blogspot, by the way. I have to say I'm jealous and spending hours on mine. Alright everyone, hail the cowboy spinners.

July 14th

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Yarn for sale

I am in the process of listing a bunch of yarn for sale in my ravelry account - check out my stash page (trade/sell) and see if there's anything you want... lots of random stuff... novelty things...

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Stupid Mother F&*kers

I had an okay day today flying back home from Houston. I was up front in first class; so, I had lots of room and free booze.

July 13th

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Spinning at the Colorado Irish Festival

Well, I was watching some of the cultural presentations at the Colorado Irish Festival over the weekend, and I saw this woman doing something unusual.

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Knitting Fest

Well, I got a ton of knitting done while sitting at the hospital keeping mom company. However, I realized, several inches later that I had put one of the gussets in the wrong spot.

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Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair

The Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair is this weekend, Friday through Sunday, at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, IL. The Fairgrounds are fully indoors and air conditioned!

July 12th

Central Asian Slippers

Years ago Russians handed me slippers made by their mom from Fergana valley in Uzbekistan.

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Color Combinations and Drawings

Hi everyone here. Happy summer to all. I have been trying some new color combinations with left over yarn ( I am resisting the strong urge to buy new yarn!).