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May 25th

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Ordered my first Drop Spindle

So I ordered my first drop spindle...I know it's not really news but I am excited about it because it comes with wool roving!!!

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Home Again; Home Again....Post MSKR

Okay - so I actually got home sunday evening - but crashed, and then slept until noonish; spent yesteday afternoon planting the daylilies that arrived while I was gone, and then crashed again.

May 24th

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Need pattern suggestions for sweater coat

Okay guys--a young woman came into the LYS where I work and wanted a pattern for a men's sweater coat, down to the knees.

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No new yarn, Bazaar Offer

Well, we went to the 2nd Annual Carolina Fiber Fest (part of the Got to Be NC Ag Festival). Needless to say I bought no new yarn.

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No complaining here

I didn't make it to MSKR this year, and while I could feel really sad, I found it hard to feel too bad. I finally got to meet Stephen West when he came to Philadelphia this past weekend.

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My baby blanket is on Lion Brand's Blog

Hi everyone,

Just tooting my own horn a bit. Lion Brand Yarn Studio published my recent Baby Blanket project on their blog today.

May 23rd

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member numbers

anybody know how many members there on on this site or know where to find that number

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China & Cashmere

this is a very long, but fascinating article on the "real" price of cashmere. ( from the Chicago Tribune)

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The True Cost of Cheap Cashmere

Susan Gibbs
Former CBS News producer
The True Cost of Cheap Cashmere

For the past few weeks, my conscience and my business sense have been

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Tangled mess

OK, men...I am in the process of balling several hanks of yarn, and no matter how careful I am, I end up with knots and tangles that I can't fix. I am losing dozens of yards of good yarn.