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May 28th

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Finding other Men Who Knit

I don't know if you all will think this is a good idea, or even if someone's already done it, but I created a community map on :

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My goal for the extended weekend.... :)

Well I set my goal for the extended weekend - I'm going to finish the never ending sweater project. I have the front & back panels done.

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Combined Knitting, right-leaning decrease

At MSRT I took the combined knitting workshop... i guess i knew i was a combined knitter, because i'd had other people tell me that, but i didn't really know what it meant.

May 27th

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When knitting ribbing (such as for socks) on DPNs, which do you prefer for starting each needle?

Knit stitch
99% (68 votes)
Purl stich
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 69

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Quick question

I've seen some patterns that, in their glossary, state that sl1 means "slip 1 as if to knit." Others indicate in their glossary to "slip 1 as if to purl" when you see sl1.

My question is, is there a default for when a pattern doesn't indicate whether you are to slip 1 as if to knit or as if to purl? If it just says "sl1" and does not have a glossary, which way do you slip it?

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A basket full

of spindle spun yarn ready for the needles

May 26th

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Manhattan here I come!

Hey guys, I haven't been on in a while, but I thought I'd drop in and say hello.

My current projects:

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A Cabled Cast-On Question

Lately, I've been doing the cabled cast-on (I think some people call this "knitting on"?) as my default cast-on.

May 25th

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MSKR Grounds Video

This video was taken on Thursday Morning very early before a lot of the guys arrived. It gives you an idea of the beautiful grounds this place has and it was very nice and cool, for that day only.

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MSKR 2010 Pt1