Archive - May 28, 2010

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Short row heel

My sock-knitting obsession continues, and I tried a short row heel. I'm pleased but not 100% satisfied.

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Newland Modified

I modified this pattern to take advantage of the beautiful design, now to make the second sock, before I lose steam lol!

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OMIGOSH... I use to knit with THAT?!

So... I recently decided that it was time to start going into my bins of yarn and doing an inventory of what I have on hand...

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Finding other Men Who Knit

I don't know if you all will think this is a good idea, or even if someone's already done it, but I created a community map on :

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My goal for the extended weekend.... :)

Well I set my goal for the extended weekend - I'm going to finish the never ending sweater project. I have the front & back panels done.

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Combined Knitting, right-leaning decrease

At MSRT I took the combined knitting workshop... i guess i knew i was a combined knitter, because i'd had other people tell me that, but i didn't really know what it meant.