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April 10th

what does one do with 50 lbs of red heart?

OMG. My BF has some friends he lunches with on occasion. Well one of them just broke with his partner a few months ago.

April 9th

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Well, I've managed to work out quite a few of the formulas for the relationships involved in braid patterns. I've also posted the pattern for a 12 strand braid and will be releasing an e-book soon.

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My name's not Stuart Real Person!!!

Okay so I'm not quite sure how this website rolls but I'm sure I didn't put my name as Stuart Real Person! Is this insanity related to the the following email I sent...

Hi there,

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Leaving Today

Today is the day! My wife and I head to Chincoteague today after we drop off the kids at their grandparents for the weekend. Carodan Farms SoXperience weekend.

April 8th

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And completed

The socks have been completed.

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Intwined Studio

I could have sworn we had a thread going on this software; but I can't find anything except Teej's cosy pattern....

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Knitscene Easy 2010

Hi guys, for all the beginning knitters out there, might want to try out Knitscene Easy 2010 that just hit the newstands. It's by Interweave Press.

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grumble/whinge/rant/grumble; mutter, mutter, mutter

For about 15 months I've had a download available on a "certain site". It showed in my "store"; it showed in my designs; it showed in my projects. Lots of ways to find it.

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HELP!!!!! Shaped sleeve head in the round

Dear knitting brethren,

April 7th

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Time to get ballsy...

So I’ve decided to, in a way, close my eyes and jump off a cliff and probably overshoot my abilities and (attempt to) knit my first sweater.