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Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn

Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn

you can purportedly spin 20yds of “yarn” from a sheet of old newspaper.

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Artisan Socks

Hey guys, it's been awhile but the great outdoors has been keeping me busy. I have been knitting however. I did these in the last month, about a pair a week.

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Hansen MiniSpinner

The Hansen MiniSpinner is an electric spinning wheel. Weighs about four pounds depending on wood...they're made of maple, cherry, and some exotic woods...and the price varies according to the wood.

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Here is my version of MMario's "Limberlost"

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Ebay and Yarn

Has anyone bought wool from Ebay? There is some great yarn listed from China, but I am afraid.

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Confessions of a Knitaholic

So I think I’m addicted to either yarn or shopping or both.

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"Alternative" project? lol

So I was continuing my sock pattern using DPN's and it was starting to get really tedious, especially after I realised that I'd have to do it all again in order to have a pair (who knew?!?).