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March 21st

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Finished up some projects

I knit a sweater for my friend Miguel while I was in Mexico but just blocked it a couple of days ago.

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Couple of items

Two items that I dragged for awhile - I had finished the slippers and never got around to sewing them up till the other day. They are for a girlfriend with teeny feet.

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Two Finished Projects ... Time for a Drink

Well here are two of my most recent finished projects.

March 20th

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Welcome TO Spring 2010

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Cable Guy Question (Son of a SnB)

Good evening all!

I’m almost done with the Cable Guy pattern (in Son of a Stitch n Bitch), but have a few questions on the last page.

It’s pg 79 in SoaSNB.

Rnd 1 of the Neck Shaping.

Speaking of bags...

(Chris, hold your tongue about the title)

I have seen some really nifty "free time" spaces on this forum, knitting bag ideas, etc. and wanted to share a few of my own ideas.

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calling all steekers

so this menacing lace piece is long enough to tell it is too wide. it's in trellis lace. is it possible to steek the excess off each end with such lose lace work?

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Changes to KAL boxers

Moving right along with the boxers.....I changed the construction method . I cast on 100 sts and worked for 8.6". I "provisionally" cast on the sts worked for 8.6" and put the last row on waste yarn.

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Los Angeles knitters

I'm a new member although I have been knitting on my own for a while. I'm not an expert by any means but am improving all the time.

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Barrington Braid relaxed ...

Well, for everybody that was waiting for the Barrington Braid relaxed version - it's up! Here's the link to a picture and the pattern on my blog ...