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March 4th

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Back from Guatemala...

This isn't entirely germane to knitting, (though I found plenty of cotton yarn in the markets, not much knitting; it was for ancient BACKLOOM weaving!) but I couldn't think of any other group of fine

B.S. Participation

Once I have the Felted Stocking done, (it's an easy knit yes but finding the time these days as a tax preparer is difficult), I will participate in the Boxer Shorts KAL.

Long Handle Underwear

Hey Guys, I'm looking for a pattern for mens long handled underwear. Any sugestions?

March 3rd

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Cozy & 1st Chart Attempt

Well... I bought the Intwined software. It's REALLY easy to use. The problem is, I'm not particularly experienced with charts.

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Boxers In Progress

Boxers in progress I am using a different yarn that I like a bit more.

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Variations on a theme

I took a wee basic lace pattern and played with it a bit....

it ended up as fifty patterns; 10 variations; each in 5 shapes.

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Visiting Philadelphia

Hi guys (meant in the generic, inclusive sense),

Pirate Knitting

I am wondering if anyone has this book. I have a bunch of toy patterns but not this book. I am wondering if it is worth having or if I should just convert one of the patterns I already have.

March 2nd

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Ok.'s the 'poop' on the boxers.....

... the pattern came in laaaate Monday so I didn't get a chance to pick it up until this morning. All of you that wanted one ... you got it!

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The Knitting Curmudgeon

Sometimes I'm a b*tch and this is one of those times.