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March 5th

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Secrets of the Hood

The very first sweater I ever knit was a hoody. The hood wasn't bad, but it always hung incorrectly, even though it seemed like it was big enough.

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How is the Spam Filter Affecting you?

Do you get Your submission has triggered the installed spam filter and will not be accepted?
12% (8 votes)
You get a captcha all the time?
32% (22 votes)
You have no problems?
57% (39 votes)
Total votes: 69

profile update

I'm going to live on the edge here peeps. I like this group so much that I decided to update my info with ways to contact me off forum. Note: I am seldom on Ravelry but on facebook often.

March 4th

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My first work is complete!

I am very proud to announse that my "first piece of art" is finished! It is a cushion knitted with wool, so it`s warm and nice to sit on.

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Spam Filter is getting Annoying

Well for whatever reason the spam filter decided that I am not allowed to post for the day I hope. I may take a week of this site if it continues like this.

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Socrates' Suicide Shroud...

I started the Hemlock Ring Blanket that was re-envisioned by Jared Flood. I've never knitted an afghan before (always crocheted 'em), but this is a fun knit. I can't seem to put it down!

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KAL Boxer Shorts Phase I: Acquisition of Materials

I just received the pattern today and ran off to my LYS and got some stuff to make this thing happen. Aktion yarns from Lang Yarns, and the circular needles as I didn't have those sizes.

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on my way

Hi Men - just finshed a scarf for a good mate who now lives in Melbourne (colder than Sydney!). I have made this one before and learned that I like a challenge.

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Ok..... I'll be the first to divulge......

With my copy of the boxer pattern in hand and while you are all anticipating the arrival of your copy of said same pattern. This is the yarn I have decided to use.

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Ravelry Profile

Hey Guys- Have noticed (a bit slow, perhaps?) that we can now show our Ravelry ID as part of our profile here on .