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March 7th

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Heads up! The Irish Are Coming!

While spending several hours shopping for the perfect yarn inspiration for a pair of underwears--plural just sounds better...thanks, Joe Jr.-- the town was overrun by an early St. Patty's Day parade.

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Boxers, here we go! (warning: not the most delicate of posts)

The KAL pattern finally arrived just in time for me to realize I probably didn't have to buy that second skein. That's alright, who cares that it's in a colorway I normally would avoid?

Learning to knit

Learning to knit is a slow process. If you think that you will "get it" right away you suffer from delusions like me.

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Another sweater my daughter won't wear....... and a hat made on a bet

So I made my 2 year-old daughter a top-down pullover. It was quick and fun. However, she is afraid of it. Can't figure it out.

March 6th

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The world goes on, but knitting prevails (long post)

Last Thursday, I kept my promise and stayed overnight at my mother’s house, bringing along six balls of yarn, a knitting pattern, and my mother’s collection of knitting needles which I had long ag

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Saturday Spinning kind of

Stocking update

Well, I am done the cuff now and started on the body. That working with 2 yarns was a little difficult for my arthritic right thumb.

Continental Knitting

OK... this is a totally random post, but I had to share nonetheless. When I first learned to knit 3 years ago, I was taught the continental knit stitch. Super easy.

March 5th

Knitting class

Taking my first knitting class on Tuesday. The class is called "extreme beginner's knitting". Looking forward to it.

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Changing Spaces

We live in a small three bedroom house. Less than 1000 square feet. It takes some creativity living in what is by today's standards, well, small. But we love it.