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March 8th

Diaries of a Compulsive Christmas Knitter Vol. 3

This last week I actually managed to complete to more project for the Christmas stash. I think that puts me roughly a quarter of the way through this thing.

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Gentlemen, and ladies, Start your needles!

I suspect that everyone has their pattern and proverbial doo doo together by now. So start date on the KAL.... This coming Saturday!

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Weekend Project

This weekend, I was just sitting at my desk, bored and had nothing to do. Then out of the corner of my eye, I say this ball of yarn staring at me intently.

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What is the opposite of unravelried?

Because I have done it!

I have finally gotten into Ravelry! I have ravelried myself!

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Great meeting

We had our 3rd Knit and Crochet group meeting Thursday evening here in Murfreesboro. I think things went well. Several people left early, Most stayed until the library closed.

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Hello from a new member

Hey guys,

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Ugly Ribbing

I have started a sweater in fingering weight yarn, a cotton/wool blend. The pattern is K5, P3 all the way up the body.

March 7th

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Saying hello

Just wanted to take a minute and finally say hello. Been reading a lot of the posts and it's good to finally meet a group of guys that love what I'm passionate about.

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the thrum and snap of the yarn

One of the pleasures of the Portuguese method is that of “playing” the yarn. The yarn is stretched taut from the knitter’s neck to the needle.

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Mom's Scarf -- There, I frogged it.