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March 12th

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YF Preview 24

My Argyle is finally coming!

March 11th

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any santa barbara knitters?

going to be up in montecito for the weekend and should be beautiful time for outdoor knitting. anyone in the area wanna join?

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Free Pattern

Dear Knitters,

March 10th

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My first woven scarf!

What fun!! I got a FL!P rigid heddle loom at stitches - and made this scarf in 5 days - it's woven with a few different types of yarn - all sock yarn size...

Scarf, shawl, wrap thingy

I just completed this project for a good friend of mine who wanted something more than a scarf, but not so much as a shawl or wrap.

I have to know!!

I have to know when is an earthquake an earthquake? I mean at what magnitude do you feel it or notice things moving? I've been viewing this U.S.

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Home catching up

After last month I felt like I had been gone all month... oh thats right I had been.

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Do any of you have patterns on here or on Ravelry? and How can I get them? Thinking of designing some of my own things soon.

March 9th

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Hey, people! I'm leaving you

But it will not be for long. Tomorrow I set out for seven days by the ocean in Gloucester, MA. No TV, no phone, no internet. Just me, and the fire buringing in the fire place and my knitting.

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Wall Street Journal writing an article featuring men who knit

I was contacted today by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal - she's writing an article about the crafts and hobbies that truckers do while on the road...