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March 13th

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Socks progress report

Because I suffer from SSS, I have to do both socks at once. And because I can, I will do them toe-up!

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P2tog tbl

Visually and pratically what's dif between p2tog and p2tog tbl?

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Hi All

I just started knitting/crocheting again about a month ago. The last time I touched the needles/hook I was either 5 o 6 yrs old. Some time has passed.

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4 Hour Beanie

I was feeling a little nerdy this morning and I was on Ravelry, so I somehow stumbled upon this pattern for a Cthulu cap.

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KAL Boxers: Casted On & Knitting

I've started the boxer KAL! I'm not waiting for the starting gun!

I'm knitting these for myself. It seems I can't upload files from my phone, so picture later.

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a second footrest .... a second beanbag...

After the sea urchin (see previus blog) ...
Here are the sailor ;-)
Now I can put my feet on it, and put me to the next challenge ...
shhh ... mystery ...

HAve a nice week end ;-)

March 12th

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Under the britches

As a former pattern maker.....I have been working on a pattern for a "refined fit" boxers.

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Where did it go?

I tried to post on a boxer pattern.....I do not know where it went !

1st class

I went to the first session of the knitting class on Tuesday. It went well and had a good time. We worked on casting and the knit stitch.

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KAL Clogs

WOW, Chris and everyone else, you were right! I started my KAL Felted Clogs on Wednesday morning and I've already have one almost done! I finished the cuff and sewed up the inner sole this morning!