Archive - Mar 27, 2010

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Help needed

I'm having a hard time understanding the pattern

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Okay, It's Official. I Don't Like Super Wash Wool.

So, I understand the practicality of super wash but it is just not fun to work with. It doesn't stretch or give and, personally, it just doesn't feel like wool, sorta like cotton. ACK!

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New project, Palindrome scarf

Well, thanks to the inspiration of my fellow (pun intended) knitters, I'm starting a new project. In the process, I discovered that Cascade 220 and my Ultimate Sweater Machine do not get along well.

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Perfect Project Bag

I am doing a little browsing on Etsy today and ran across a project bag that I thought would bring a few smiles to everyone here:

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Trachtentuch A - with ruffled edge

You may remember I posted a pic of a red Valentine's Day shawl I made for my wife. She loved it but wished it had a ruffly edge.

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Finished stranded colorwork mittens and pictures

Ok, so I finally finished my stranded colorwork mittens!!!