Archive - Mar 26, 2010

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15" Plus a tad (KAL Boxers)

Trying to come up with an eye catching title is a bit tough!

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Thought I'd finally say Hi to everyone and get myself out there. My name's Tony and I'm a Massage Therapist living in Columbus Ohio.

Check it out!!

I think that with so many members there is going to be alot of birthdays randomly coming up so I thought to make just one general Happy Birthday Video for all!

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The Sonata Unfolds

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calling all l.a. area knitters

you guys want to get together at my place on saturday. should be beautiful day to knit outside

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Our first socks...


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iPhone Sock

Hey guys, I myself have an iPhone as do several of my friends. One of them never has a case on her phone and just tosses it in her purse.