Archive - Mar 24, 2010

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UPDATE: Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2010

Hello Everybody!!

Okay, the final decision has been made. This year the Men’s Fall Knitting Retreat will be:

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QAL update

I lost a lot of progress on my QAL shawl in the last 2 days trying to figure out the crossword that mrhugzzz posted on his blog (and I still didn't win! lol).

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fair isle book jacket

I've almost finshed knitting a cover for a current book project,I found an old knitting book whihc I will rebind and then use this bit of "fabric" to construct the cover.It feel lovely, but very firm,

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OT: Oscar Romero

This is rather off topic, but today is the 30th anniversary of the murder/martyrdom of the Archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero.

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one more day

Guys I will miss you for the coming 18 days as I am travelling with my partner to England and Scotland. Unfortunately I wont be wearing my klilt this time :)