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February 12th

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The CapotiSaurus Rex

I got my "Clapotis" from done! I doubled the width and quadrupled the length for a man-sized version. That lead the designer to knickname it the "CalpotiSaurus Rex"

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Hybrid Scrap Hat

No, it's not powered by windmills or solar panels, and it's not in the least "green"- "hybrid" as in a combo of millspun and my handspun; "scrap" in that I knit it with my small balls...maybe I should

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Two At Once Fiasco

OK OK. So I decided to adapt a knit picks two at once sock pattern into a felted boot pattern with DISASTROUS RESULTS THUS FAR.

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Dayflower lace scarf

I'm into these skinny lace scarves. They are great for using up single skeins in my stash and I'm learning a great deal on what fibers work for what projects.

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Top-down version of John Anderson's Kilt Hose.

I just added the top-down version of my kilt hose pattern at There's a link on Ravelry, too.

February 11th

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OT Update

The mask is finished!!!!

Anyone who'd like to see the final product:

Sorry to everyone else for taking up space on the board!

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Chat feature

So it's great to see that Darrel finally got the chat button to work. However, I never see anyone there. So today, just this minute, as I was signed in to the site, I tried to use Chat....

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We have dug out . . . more snow coming on Monday (OMG)

This has been a tough winter here in Baltimore. I heard on the radio this is the worst winter since . . . EVER! We beat the record snows of 1898 or 9.

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Face Book Page

Hi guys,

Just had lots of e-mails from you, this is what you have been asking me for.

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The Biology of Knitting

Don't know if this has ever been posted... Amazing: