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February 3rd

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2010 KAL

Thanks to Carl for being an overachiever!! Glad they turned out awesome. here is my progress on the KAL as well.

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Combination Knitting

So my grandmother (who originally taught me to knit) told me that she knit continental.

February 2nd

P2tog tbl

Does anyone know how to purl 2tog tbl. I could sure use so help thanks

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Oh My Cow!

I was at Jo-Anne's fabric buying some cotton twill for making some pants, and I needed to go find a while wool/nylon blend for fixing a client's sweater (worn out cuffs and elbows on an ancient aran).

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New deadline for sizequeen needle project...

OK, I think I freaked some guys out with the idea of designing and knitting a superbulky sweater in 6 weeks. So.... Howabout the by the beginning of May.

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Little Star Sweater

I just finished the "little star sweater" from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tots. It was fun and the first time I attempted intarsia.

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Is this a perfect Valentine's gift for my wife or what?

I started with yarn and a needle size that would have made this a shawl for an elephant!

Has anyone knitting from the new Erika Knight Men book

I'm currently knitting the classic crewneck sweater out of the book.

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Handspun Groundhog Hat

I knit this hat from yarn that I spun up from wool (of course) carded together with silk noil. I used a blend of Shetland and Cheviot fleeces, and dyed the wool and silk with Jacquard dyes.

February 1st

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Favorite ski sweater

I don't believe I ever showed you guys the reason I (re)started to knit a few years ago. I am allergic to wool and I absolutely wanted a nordic ski sweater.