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February 10th

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Help with a pattern or how to...

I was in a workshop today (unfortunately not a knitting workshop) and the woman in front of me had a scarf hanging on her chair that intrigued me.

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coming to sf for weekend

is there any knitting going on at cafes in city friday or saturday? and neat knitting stores i should hit?

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New on the Times Union Fiber Arts Blog

Here's my latest contribution to the Fiber Arts Blog on our local newpaper's website.

Stash on the hop

This is Saga. She passed away last summer. I currently have 15 angora rabbits just like her that produce almost 3 lbs of fibre for me each year.

February 9th

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2010 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat - workshop ideas?

If I were to do a lace workshop at the MSKR what would people like to see included?

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How big is your stash?

So yesterday I organized my stash and you can read about it on my blog ( and now I'm wondering about other stashes. What does your stash look like?

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Update on Tartan

It's official!!!

My tartan, "Cailleach" is now officially registered in the Scottish Register of Tartans!!!

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It's Tuesday- Have a Hat

I continue to use up my stash; these yarns are Knitpicks Camel Heather and Claret Heather. I love the colors, but I don't like the way the yarn performs.

Lace Lover

I am not the greatest nor the fastest knitter but I love to spin my own yarns for that someday-will-knit-lacey-pattern-that-will-catch-my-eye-and-I-must-possess.

February 8th

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Equinox Hat