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Here is a photo of a mitten that I am working on. It is a double knit, so the fabric is thick. Should be very warm. The yarn is Galway Heather. I am using a 4mm circular - knit flat.

First BSJ

I knit this for my friends' granddaughter. They claim that she has been studying Renaissance painting on her own.

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The last two weeks!

Hey guys,

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A Knitting Lesson

Earlier last week I had promised a girl I would teach her to knit on Thursday.

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Finished my two-color cable sweater

Back in January, I had uploaded a pic of the start of a new sweater for the new year, and since I had a lot of time to knit this weekend with the major snow storm we've had here in Philadelphia, I fin

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Lots of snow means lots of knitting.

We had about 24 inches of snow here in Baltimore. Since we have to stay inside, I have had the opportunity to work on several projects . . . I am loving it!

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SuperBowl Sunday Spinning

Is superbowl Sunday and I am getting in the mood to spin some funky yarn. This is my hand dyed yarn, just dry, I may card it in rolags and then spin it .

Oh hai thar

I had totally forgotten I'd signed up over here! Doh!

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boys and men, i'm about to shave my head for an art project and am looking for a nice cap pattern to help keep my head warm until the hair grows back in.

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Keeping Busy! Loads of WIPs, and Collecting Pattern Books

So... I've been a busy little boy lately... I've started on the Citron Shawlette from using a variegated skein of Malabrigo lace... wish me luck...