Archive - Feb 26, 2010

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Did Somebody Mention Hats???

Every time I see one of Albert's great hat posts I think I really need to make a post of the hats I've made recently. So here goes...
(Lots of pictures under the cut)

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Attention All Boxer Boys!!!!!

I went down to the LYS this morning and talked to Miz Ronda (she hates that name so that is why I call her that) and she informed me that she got the invoice from Skacel for the boxer patterns and the

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Big Daddy's Crawfish Etouffee

As promised, Albert, here's my recipe for crawfish etouffee! (Tex, I expect you to send me the leftovers you guys don't eat, and, Lars, you don't know what you're missing!)


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Tic Tac Tocque

I knit this hat using the Small Mock Brocade Block that Scott posted with his socks a few days ago. It's a fun and easy pattern- thanks, Scott.