Archive - Feb 15, 2010

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Losing a LYS

OK, guys - here's the dilemma... I live in Southwest Florida, and the only yarn shop within about a 40 mile radius is going to be closing at the end of April.

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Newest project

I want you to know that I don't just sit around idly all the time. I always have something I am working on in my hands, and that is usually my spinning on the CD spindle.

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Help (Again)

Is someone able to direct me to a site that gives you an estimation of how much yarn one needs to knit a sweater.

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My apologies...

I don't want to wear out my welcome with yet another hat, but I am posting the patterns on Ravellry (which I can barely comprehend, unlike our easy-to-get little home here), and for some reason I have

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Do Ya Wanna Be a Butcher or a Surgeon?

Teaching again...though some say I've never stopped, especially with those non-compliant types who won't give up control...they eventually, inevitably, succumb.

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My First Try At Socks

I have been wanting to learn to do socks for quite some time but was very intimidated. While on You Tube one night browsing I typed in knitting socks and it brougt up many videos.

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FO: My first sweater

Took me three months to finish, but I learned a lot in the process. This is a "Weasley Sweater" from "Charmed Knits" by Alison Hansel, based on the sweaters Mrs.