Archive - Feb 13, 2010

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Whale Watcher's Hat

This is a hat I knit yesterday, and decided to give it a Maine-flavored name. Let me know when y'all are sick of them, and I'll start knitting underwear (if that model is available).

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I'm knitting gloves, and after each finger the pattern says to "rejoin" the yarn. I assume this means to start over with a tail and weave that in when I get around to it.

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Man Panties KAL

Wouid this be more persuasive to you boys?

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First Attempt at Stranded Colorwork...and German Karneval.

So I got the bright idea a couple of months ago to try and do a colorwork project, after 4 failures, I think this one is finally going to have a good result.

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Do I want work in cotton or Bamboo

I'm looking for some advice from the more experienced--in knitting that is...

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I know I've asked before...

Hey guys I know I've asked you all to look at my blog before, but I think I've made some big if you like to cook...or just eat...check it out.