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January 23rd

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WIP Status updates... 1 New Year's resolution BROKEN... Mini Mochi Hats Done!

So i've been a very busy boy lately... I've made the 2 tote bags I had been working on and planning on using for Etsy inventory- but they sold before I could even put them online... so alas...

January 23rd

Diamond Brocade stitch

Ok, I really dig the way this stitch looks but, am having a nicotine withdrawl day and really don't feel like following the pattern in the book, anyone know of a site that has a video on this?

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As much as I've been enjoying the "hat a day" bit, I realize it's not helping me fulfill what I really want to do, which is to get my sweater patterns finished and made and tested, and sized...

January 22nd

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Felted Boot KAL 2009

Thought I would post some pictures of my progress with the KAL. I have managed in the time for the first boot to knot both so I am going to knit a second pair in the second half of the KAL

Spinning yarn

My friend and her husband raise Timberwolves and timber hybrids, been doing so for over eight years.

Twisted stitch (?) mistake

Ok, wish I had a camera so I could photo this to make a solution easier but, I don't so...gonna do my best to describe the mistake.

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Thats right you read my last post correctly. . .


The KAl is going swimmingly so we started a beer cozy swap. Send me your name, email address and Address at

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First Quarter KAL - Felted boots Update!!

A quick and hearty thanks to those who have joined the First Quarter KAL. We seem to have a core group and are progressing pretty well through the felted boots.

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Work in Progress

OK - I'm nuts!

New to the site and knitting

Hey guys, new to this site and to knitting, only been knitting for about two months now....self taught so making lots of mistakes but, having fun to it!