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January 24th

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fairisle in the round

Good Morning all,

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Pictures! New Beanie! New Yarn Shop! Anyone in LA?

So I've finally gotten my janky camera to work... sorta... I really need something new... it's driving me nuts! The pictures of the 2 other mini mochi beanies I made are below...

January 24th

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Looking for a knitting group in Baltimore, MD

Does anyone know if there is a men's knitting group in Baltimore? If not, is there interest in forming one?

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I finished a scarf this weekend

I am very excited. I finished a scarf this weekend for a dear friend; I hope she likes it. I have to say, it was an easy knit. I used size 50 needles. It took about 3 hours total.

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pure beginner - nervous/needs advise

Hello Everyone,

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Cable cast-on mistake

Oops. I just realized that I did the cable cast-on for my sweater incorrectly. Instead of going between the two stitches with the needle tip, I went through one only, just like knitting.

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Germany sucks on Sundays...and finished hat pictures!!

So I'm running low on yarn..and I wanted to buy some more today, a very simple task one might think but Germany hates me on this particular day of the week.

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Lost Needles

Well it finally happened. I was coming home from Mexico yesterday and the Security people opened my bag and found my knitting needles.

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Garter in the round, no purling

Fleegle has unvented a way to knit garter stitch in the round without purling or using wrap and turn. I found this fascinating and can't wait to try it.

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Spinning Wheels for Beginners

Hi everyone,