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January 2nd

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FO - Iceland Lopi "Lappi" child's sweater

I'm giving this one away today so I figured I'd need to take a pic of it.

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New Year, New Sweater

A few weeks back I acquired some ICE felt yarn on ebay in a coffee brown and light blue, two colors I like together a lot, and since I had soaked up the holiday time finishing off a ribbed gray sweate

I am looking for a pattern please.

It is an afghan pattern and I have seen it pictured here before. It looks like an afghan that is made in rounds. Just different colored stripes. You start out in the center and work your way out.

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Tina shawl being modeled

Here is a better view of the shawl.

Thanks to all you kind folk who gave such nice comments about the work. I really appreciate your comments. jim.

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Happy 2010!

In honor of the New Year, I have decided to celebrate during the month of January by doing something a little crazy.

January 1st

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Does the "boyfriend sweater curse" apply to willie warmers?

I thought it would be fun to knit a Christmas willie warmer for a guy I've been seeing for a couple months.

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Men With Yarn Calendar?

I know Franklin made a calendar for the past year placing shirtless men with needles and yarn. Does anyone know if there is something similar out there for this year?

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From too little to too much?

So I made you all gasp not too long ago when I announced I had no active knitting projects. That all ended today.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone here on this site! Hope 2010 brings Happiness, Health, and Wealth to you all and yours!

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Happy New Years postcards

These are so cute!!

A Happy New Year