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November 4th

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Baby Alpaca Vest

Hi guys
My recent project. I love it. Vest in Baby Alpaca DK. I used a basic pattern from Phildar and resized it and added a houndstooth pattern to the front piece.

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Beanie Help Using Sock Yarn 4ply or Fingering Yarn

The other day, a co-worker of mine gave me some sock yarn "Kroy Sock Yarn" to make him a Beanie. I started simple Beanie with a 2x2 rib brim about 15 rows, and the remainder stockinette.

November 3rd

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New Spinning method

This blows my mind... I totalyl had a DUH! moment when I seen this...

(runs out to find some hard rubber balls and roving)

November 2nd

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Puppy Dog Power!

This isn't knitting, but it is fibre arts...I have to say that I'm satisfied with divine justice: puppy dog chewed up a fuzzy vintage mohair blanket: puppy dog should fix it...and she did!

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2011 Men Knitters Visionary Retreat--Invitation to Apply

Cat Bordhi has been doing week-long retreats for several years wherein she teaches about self-publishing in the knitting industry.

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Off Subject - Best Places to Work

I was just reading an article on Yahoo about the best places to work. One noted was Adobe where they noted that they have over 80 associations including a "Knitting Club".

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Norwegian knitter and blogger Pinneguri made me laugh the other day - enjoy!

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Arthur Knits ...

Yeah, I know it's a cartoon, but this is pretty cute. It's good to see they're trying to break down the stereotypes at a young age!

November 1st

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So I'm taking the plunge....

And going to start drafting up a "bitch its time to take back your knitting" book, I'm teaming up with my good friend ShadeKitty and we are thinking up fun ideas and things to have in it...this is pro

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so I'm a little disappointed with how my second GAAA square WAS working up (I say WAS because I've ditched it for now to start a different square).