Archive - Nov 2010

November 20th

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Daybreak 3

Today I got round to photographing my latest Daybreak by Stephen West. It's a scarf for Rachel, the daughter of a friend, and she told me her favourite colours were pink and orange.

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One of my first dishcloth.

Okay, I am now addicted to making dishcloths. I am getting a sense of accomplishment as they are quick to finish. I am really enjoying working with cotton.

November 19th

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My First Steek! Ahhhhhh!!!

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Some Mo' Stuff

I've been away for a while again, I seem to keep falling out of making things and getting distracted by daily life. It's kind of bummed me out a little.

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Herringbone jacket - at last

Some of you may remember the nightmare I was having a few months ago with the Herringbone Jacket I was knitting for my other half from 'Classic Knits for Men'.

November 18th

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Hi Gents

Here is the Beck I was working on from the Queensland collection. Made with Jo Sharp Aran Tweed.

Played with the pattern a lot (for the sleeves) and really happy with the outcome.

November 17th

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Cabled Afghan

I just finished a cabled afghan as a surprise Christmas present for a friend. I started it in September and finished it a few days ago.

Here are some of the details.

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In a funk...

So for the few months I have been home from Germany and since I got this job. I have had a routine going.

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Houston? Austin?

We're going to TX next week to visit the in-laws, and I'm thinking that a knitter's night out would be a nice break from family. Anybody know of any knitting groups in either town?

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Fiber Beat, Sunburst Hat, & Bazaar

Just thought I would let everyone know I am on itunes. The latest episode of the Fiber Beat podcast is out and my interview from the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat is on that episode.