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November 27th

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Raglan sleeve ratio

Is there a standard ratio of reducing? I'm knitting in round up and wonder if it's every row or every other

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Guess what came today !!

I am so excited my knitpicks order came today I was hoping it would because I was supposed to have the weekend off ( supposed to ) I will post more picks as projects are started but here it is

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Addi Lace Clicks

Hi Guys:

Two days ago I got my long awaited Addi Lace Clicks. I had even overcome the guilt of laying out the bucks - long term investment.

November 25th

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designing and programs

Hi men

Gloves for large hands

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

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visiting seattle this weekend

any seattle knitters around? coming in sat-mon a.m. staying downtown. seeing my niece mostly, but will have time saturday midday and sunday evening.

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Hello it's been a while

Just saying hello it has been over a year since I have last posted anything between having computer issues and moving but I am back and will be posting soon and on a regular basis.

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Happy Thanksgiving and a new project

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I have been absent from the site for a while because I have devoted a lot more time to wind ensemble I play in and I have been playing more volleyball tournaments.

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Happy Thanksgiving and a new hat!

Hi everyone!

November 24th

Men's Fingerless Glove

Not enough length between beginning index finger and body of glove. It's pulling the wrist up. Guage. Guage. Guage. Thumb is okay.