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November 30th

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Weather in Portland

It's PISSING RAIN and I have a shawl for finish for a client, and a hat to knit for a new beau. Life is good.

November 29th

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Book Recomendations Please

So lately I have been very interested in color work specifically entrelac knitting and I was hoping that you wonderful gentlemen could recommend some books or websites that have instructions for a pe

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First Meetings...

First meetings warrant introductions.

Hi! I'm Matt, and I've been knitting for just under 2 months.

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2-color, pinky wrap question....

Good morning guys,

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Designing Your Own Stuff

After about a year of knitting, I began to wonder why people bought patterns. It seemed to me, at the time, that everything was so simple (reading from a pattern that is); anyone could do this.

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Need some recommendations

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night gentlemen, wherever you are in the world I hope things are going great.

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My new Knitting machine - Knitmaster 155

Just thought i would post some photos of my new knitting machine. Its a Knitmaster 155 which is basicly the same as a Silver Reed SK155.

Cant wait to knit some things on it.


November 28th

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Cable jacket update

Hey guys thought i would post an update on my cabled aran jacket.

Sleeve one is done just about 1/4 way through second sleeve. Then just got to sew it together, do neck and fasten zip onto it.

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Tennis Elbow/Knitting....AGAIN.

The tennis elbow is BACK. With a vengeance. Clearly, I'm going to need to take a break from knitting. Sigh. For those of you who have had this and had to cut back - did you survive?

November 27th

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Ravelry and FRANKLIN on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!

there's a link called Knitter's Revenge in which a group of Ravelers, including Franklin Habit, appear onstage. Super cute and fun.