Archive - Oct 31, 2010

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Yet More Socks

Thanks to all of you who've been providing me with tips and words of encouragement.
This is my second pair of socks. I found a much more form fitting pattern to play around with.

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Pattern for the Blue Sweater - Any takers?

Hi guys ...

Night of the knitting undead Happy Halloween

Night of the knitting undead Happy Halloween

Ever see a zombie knitting?

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Baby Wallaby

Baby Wallaby sweater with a small collar instead of a hood. The color is really a deep purple but it didn't come out in the picture. Still need to block but am happy with the little pouch.

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You folks never cease to amaze me . Strong, kind , supportive, and VERY never fail to come up with so many great ideas and suggestions ... Thanx for letting me "buddy-up" with you .

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Japonese scarf...

Hello everybody...
the winter come here in belgium...
trees have almost no leaves ... The first frosts have arrived ..

So I restart with some new scarfs...

What do you think about this one?