Archive - Jan 18, 2010

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yarn bowls for sale on Etsy!

just a note to let those of you who might be interested know that I just posted 12 more cast aluminum yarn bowls on my etsy site

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Custom-made circular needles

I would like to find circular needles with a long needle part. Does anyone know of anyone who makes custom circs?

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Screwing up my courage for my first sweater

Hey all!

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Hats for Christmas

Yes I know it's rather late, but I've just managed to organise lots of the photos.

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Hi guys...I'm new here, and I've got the knitting bug like you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would). Here's my first real project - a scarf I knitted for my wife.

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Headed to Seattle

So it looks like I'll be in Seattle for a few weeks on business. Any LYS that are a must visit? Any suggestions for a fellow knitter?

Any suggestions would be welcome!

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BSJ Blues

Uggh!!!! Is the BSJ really supposed to be this difficult? This is the second time that I have done this pattern and, again, I'm ripping things out for the fourth time.

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My adventure with Queen Anne's Lace

My New Years resolution was to finish one really large project, with some yarn from my stash. I do have four other projects that I should be working on, but I really wanted to do this.