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December 11th

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health update

thanks again for all the warm kindness shown toward my health. the update is 6 long hours of surgery, none of which i remember, were apparently successful.

December 11th

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More Project Runway Marathon

More from the repair-retailor table.

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Pattern For Men's Fingerless Gloves

Hi All,

I'm a beginning knitter, just started my first pair of socks, and I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a mens fingerless glove pattern. (I'm at work and my hands are cold!)

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Messiah Knitting Bags???

Dear MWKs,

December 10th

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Yet another knitting query

ok so I am getting closer to having this sweater done. I have seamed the sleeves on, and almost finished with the ribbing collar.

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Carlito Cardigan

Dudes of Knitting: How are things? It's flipping cold here; a lovely 13 degrees this morning. Anyway, have any of you done the Carlito Cardigan or know someone who is?

December 9th

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Galactica Actual A Ravelry Swap Video

I just wanted to share a great swap that I am involved in oe of the groups from Ravelry. If you are a Galactica Fan you will enjoy this group and we can definitely use some more guys, lol!

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Absolute Last Chance for the 2010 Knit Along

All, will take requests for joining the knit along through the end of this week, had someone ask if they can still join.

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Ultimate Sweater machine

Who's tried machine knitting?

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increase on raglan sweater

So I made one top down raglan sweater and during the process it said to increase a stitch before and after a marker. It didn't say how, and I did knit front and back.