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November 24th

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Subway Yarncrafting

Since having begun knitting and crocheting this summer, I have found that it is a wonderful way to pass the time on my hour-long subway commute.

November 23rd

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WAY OT...kinda

Well, it's not knitting, but weaving...

Yeah, like my Scottish blood will have me take my hands off of the knitting needles only briefly to talk about weaving -- tartans, that is.

November 22nd

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Fair Isle Cardigan

Finished up a new cardigan this weekend. I only ever made Fair Isle Vests as drop shoulder sweaters are very unflattering on me.

November 21st

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When you take a pea (green mobius) think of me

For my friend Tia for her birthday. Modeled beautifully as a shawl by Nicci of Close Knit Yarn Store on Alberta in Portland, OR.

November 20th

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Ben Fogle Challenge: Knitting to Realise the Potential

Just looking through Google news stories - Ben Fogle Challen

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thank god for this muffler

It makes a fabulous "aroma filter" when the homeless guy decides to sit at the table next to mine at the wi-fi cafe. I probably look like I'm trying to avoid swine flu.

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Wanted: Fabulous kilt hose pattern

I don't want to reinvent the wheel... I just want a basic wonderful above the calf kilt hose pattern.

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the wave scarf and hat

Picture taken at Knit/Purl knit night, just having finished the scarf before I arrived. 58 st on us9's. Rib6 cable with a 20 st repeat, one k1p1 rib selvedge and between cables...

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New Berroco Minutia Sweater Patterns

Berroco published their new minutia sweater patterns in their newsletter today. Some are quite cute!

November 19th

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Joining YArn

I am working with lace weight baby alapca yarn, for a lace scarf. The yarn is very fine and I do not want to join my next skein with a knot.