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January 17th

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Project Completed (THANK GOD!!!)

Ok so I know you Yarn Snobs out there will be like "OMG IT"S DONE IN ACRYLIC!!!" but deal with it (Just kidding), although I do actually enjoy knitting with acrylic threads.

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Hi everyone ...... this is a new experience for me, I belong to many sites for social meetings etc, but this is the first knitting site that I have joined.

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I gave up

I gave up on the gloves...they just were making me mad. I will get back in the mood later to try to make gloves, but for now I am working on my second sock.

January 16th

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As you may know, I do retailoring/repair/and finishing for folks as a sideline.

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Hufflepuff hat

I mentioned this hat previously.

Sorry, it's sideways. I'm a little sideways these days as well.

Knit out of Plymouth Encore 75%acryl, 25% wool.
I "designed" it myself.

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You like to knit...

Only for yourself.
5% (7 votes)
Only what you like to wear.
4% (6 votes)
Only for others.
14% (20 votes)
Only projects that you find challenging.
16% (23 votes)
Only projects that are easy for you.
5% (8 votes)
Only for your Mom.
0% (0 votes)
All of the above.
54% (80 votes)
None of the above. (Please comment.)
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 148

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Howdy Y'all - Learn to Knit Class starts tomorrow

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I have written anything, mostly because I am not the kind of person to just write when I have nothing to say. :) Hope you are all well.

Pattern question.

Hi all, I've been plugging along on a sweater for my little girl, and am a bit confused about the sleeves bit..

Inc row

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miniature Sweaters

Here are a few more of my miniature sweaters.

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I'm addicted

I've been addicted to making these miniature sweaters. I had so much scrap yarn left over from previous projects that I didn't know what do with.