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December 3rd

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RIP Noro Scarf

Dear all,

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M1 vs inc 1

Ok, I need someone to explain this to me.
In another post someone said that if you do one instead of the other your counts will be wrong. How can that be?

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Hat for Lisa

This hat was originally for me, and thus the brown color, but then I realized that it had way too many holes to be warm enough for the winter in Oregon.

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Hats for my Nieces

I am making three hats for my nieces for Christmas, these are the first two. The fun part is that I have no clue how large the girls are, I see them only about twice a year.

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Baby Sweater for my Brother

My brother and his wife are having a kid in June...well maybe July, I am not quite sure. This is their first, and they are freaking out.

December 2nd

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My First Blog Entry

Hi everyone! My name's Joe. I know I've been reading and commenting on posts for a little while now, but I decided that I should try to share some of my own work and submitting posts of my own =)

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Now for something completly diffferent.

Like an appendectomy. puts a cramp in the lifestyle - but i HAVE HAD MY KNITTING dellivred so hope to be in a better mood soon.

Forgotten FO's

I finished this and one other Scarf last Winter and never posted them. The noro, thanks to those who have done one, was inspired by many and is my favorite scarf.

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A little bit of How to

This is a little video of the sweater I am making and which I am done by the way and the way to join without seaming. Thanks for stopping by!

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My Holiday Baking is Conflicting with My Knitting!

I was very cranky last night. I had no knitting time at all because I had to get started on the Holiday baking. I'm even more cranky because I have to do the same tonight.